Smoking & why ex-smokers such as myself are hypocrites.

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Normally when I see pictures like the following one above, I think to myself most of the few obvious statements; “That’s disgusting!” or “Why would you want to smoke?” – however these are very hypocritical comments since I was a smoker not so long ago. I managed to kick the habit after 5 years. I know, it sounds like nothing compared to those who have been smoking 40+ years, but hey, an addiction is an addiction.

The old smoker inside of me says “I could really do with one” or “That does look quite good now” – however, I have the strength to not give in. I won’t ever go back to it.

Yet us people who have kicked the habit are probably the most hypocritical about it for many reasons and I’m going to state some of the reasons why.

1) We could get back into the habit at…

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Care For Your Hair Extensions – Tips and Tricks

Hair Extensions Are Not Maintenance Free

Hair extensions are a great way to add length and style to an existing head of natural hair. Many people mistakenly assume that choosing a type of hair extension and having it attached is the end of the process. This is far from the case! There is no point investing the time and money into getting hair extensions and then failing to care for them properly. Not caring for hair extensions, or caring for them in the wrong way, is the quickest way to ensure that money goes to waste, the extensions look bad and, in the worst case scenario, a person’s natural hair and scalp can even be damaged. Thankfully, caring for hair extensions is simple and straight forward when following these simple tips.

Choose The Right Hair Products

For the absolute best advice on your particular hair extensions it is vital to consult a professional stylist or the company that provided them. Certain types of shampoo and conditioner are known to either degrade the hair extension, remove the bond that keeps them in place or both. As a general guideline it is best to avoid products which feature excess levels of protein and alcohol. There is nothing worse than when hair extensions start to look visibly different from the natural portion of hair as a result of incorrect hair products. Spending a little more money on obtaining the correct products from the start can save a lot of money in replacement extensions in the long run. 

Take Care Of Color First

One of the common problems people run into with their hair extensions is when attempting to color them artificially. The absolute best solution to this problem is proper preparation. By dyeing the natural part of the hair first and then having the extensions put in it gives the stylist chance to ensure that the extensions are the best possible match. This avoids the hassle of trying to dye extensions separately in the future. If it is an absolute must to dye extensions after they are in for whatever reason then special care must be taken. Extensions made from natural hair offer a lot more options than artificial extensions. Regardless of whether extensions are natural or artificial it is vital to avoid harsh dyeing products made from peroxide or other very corrosive materials. 

Protect From Heat

It is worth checking whether your specific type of hair extensions can be dried naturally in the air. If they can then this is the best course of action as applying high levels of heat to them is one of the quickest ways to reduce their lifespan and damage their appearance and texture. If hair extensions are being heated by a hairdryer or straightener then it is vital to use a serum or other protective product to guard against the heat’s effects. It is vital to check whether a particular protective hair product is compatible with your type of hair extensions as not every product is compatible with every type of extension. 

Trust The Professionals 

The absolute golden rule when it comes to caring for hair extensions is to seek a professional opinion whenever in doubt. This applies to topics such as which products they are compatible with, the appropriate way to wash and heat them, how long they should be left in for and the best way to remove them safely. One of the most common mistakes is assuming that all hair extensions are the same and can therefore be cared for in the same way. There are countless stories of girls who have damaged their extensions, or even worse, their natural hair, due to trying something their friend said was safe without checking whether it was appropriate for their particular extensions. The makers of particular extension types are also excellent sources of trustworthy information.

The above tips will help ensure that your hair extensions stay looking luscious for as long as possible. Hair extensions do not last forever and the two month mark is around the period of time that most will be able to survive for. Failing to respect the above advice however will lead to them lasting for a far shorter period of time and possibly even injuring the wearer in the meantime. Just follow the simple steps and be safe, smart and superb looking all at once.

Author bio:
Brenda Panin is a full time mom and a part time blogger interested beauty related topics. When taking care of her hair she always buy care products at leonBrant. Brenda enjoys seeing her readers getting useful information from her articles.

My First Mustard Mask

Yesterday was the first time I tried doing an actual hair mask with the ground mustard powder and I wanted to share my experience with it.

The first thing I want to say is that I loved it! It felt so great on my scalp, though I can see how it can irritate some peoples, and I ended up leaving it on for 45 minuets instead of 15.
I washed my hair afterwards, my hair feels soft but is a little frizzy although I am pretty sure I still feel the sight tingling every now and then.
For the mask itself, I didn’t have any egg, I mixed together about a tbsp of coconut oil, with a tsp boiling water, a crushed biotin pill and a tbsp mustard oil. I applied it only to my scalp.

I know I will be doing this again next week and I am really looking forward to seeing if this actually does help my hair grow but even if it doesn’t I will be adding mustard powder to my hair masks from now on!

Guest Post: Alternatives to Washing Your Hair By Rapunzel’s Sister

long hair 4a

You might be washing your hair more than you need to.

Many people perceive their hair to be dirty when it becomes ‘oily’, when in fact; having ‘oily’ hair is a good thing. This ‘oil’ is naturally produced by your scalp and is full of nutrients to help protect your hair and to keep it healthy. Shampoo strips your hair of these nutrients and essential oils which often leads to dry brittle hair that is prone to breakage and split ends. Regularly shampooing your hair is a sure-fire way to dry it out.

Allowing your hair to become oily and brushing through all these oils throughout your hair, (particularly towards your ends) will significantly improve the health of your hair. And the longer you postpone washing your hair, the more these oils can be absorbed and the healthier your hair will become. But if the oily look really bothers you here’s a couple of tricks I’ve discovered;

Baby Powder
I prefer to use corn-starch based baby powder as it is more natural and far cheaper than dry shampoo. Baby powder is a great alternative to washing your hair as it absorbs some of the oils, but not all of them like shampooing does. It’s far quicker than shampooing too!

Starting with DRY hair, sprinkle the baby powder onto your hands (or directly onto your roots) and brush through with your fingers. Leave it to sit for 5 or so minutes and brush through with a hair brush. For darker hair shades, be careful not use too much baby powder as it may make your roots appear grey.

Shampoo your fringe
Try shampooing the front section of your hair (your fringe area) in a basin and let it dry naturally. Most people won’t see beyond this area to notice the rest of your hair is oily. Simple fix!

For more tips and tricks on growing, maintaining or restoring your hair, check out my blog; Rapunzel’s Sister.

My name is Jessica, I’m an Australian and I’m a lover and owner of long hair. My hair is approximately 85cm long and reaches just below my tailbone. In the 5 years it has taken me to grow my hair this long, I have learnt many tips and tricks, and plenty of things to avoid when growing your hair. I decided to create my blog, Rapunzel’s Sister to share this information and to help fellow long hair lovers to restore, maintain and grow their beautiful long healthy hair.


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How long is my hair?

I took a picture the other day, thought I would share it.
Don’t mind the roots! I haven’t had my hair dyed since Dec lol

My current hair routine

I haven’t talked about hair hair care routine in a while so I thought I would adress it today.
My hair care routine has gotten very, very simple.
When I am working out I keep it up out of my face in a bun, other than that I have it braided. I oil the ends (about the last inch or two of my hair) to help prevent splitting and I wash it once a week.
I massage my scalp 1-2 times a day.
I do take a protein supplement as well as fish oil and I try to drink as much water as I can.

See, that simple.
Readers, What does your hair care routine look like?